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Two Jewish Vegans Walk Into a Bar

That headline isn’t the beginning of a joke. It’s the start of a story about statistical improbability — a story that just happens to be true. However many months ago it was, a friend asked me to play drums in her band. And though she didn’t need to, she sweetened her pitch by telling me […]

Bloody Semantics: Poland Debates Humane vs. Ritual Slaughter

If one wants to take a measure of just how arrogant mankind can be, he or she has to look no further than the government officials in Poland who for nearly six months have been giving themselves whiplash trying to figure out which executioners should feign compassion and which should be permitted to luxuriate in […]

Ritual Slaughter: Religion Trumps Animal Rights

Jewish and Muslim leaders in the Netherlands are in total agreement about at least one thing: cutting animals’ throats is their god-given right. From the Associated Press: “The Dutch government said Wednesday it will study new standards for ritual slaughter to satisfy animal rights activists without infringing on ancient Jewish and Muslim traditions, and will […]