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For Hunt Victims, No Difference Between Monstrous Behavior and Anthropocentrism

I suppose it should come as no surprise that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan would slaughter animals in an effort to ingratiate herself with colleagues and peers. If nothing else, it provides a pretty good indication that she’s among the many who believe that man is entitled to hold dominion over other species. According to […]

Grooving on Vigilantism, Or, the Night I Executed a Puppy Killer

SOMEWHERE IN CONNECTICUT, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — I recognized the zit-faced sadist from the mugshot that had circulated on the Internet when he was arrested for brutally murdering a puppy not far from the ballroom in which he and I coincidentally now found ourselves. He was a groomsman in a wedding at whose reception […]

Connecticut Dog Killer Avoids Prison, Desmond Gets No Justice

Almost a year ago, I made public my opinion that a Connecticut psychopath named Alex Wullaert should be sentenced to death if found guilty of brutally torturing and murdering his dog, Desmond. I reported at the time that “Wullaert faces a felony charge under Connecticut statute 53-247(b), which states that ‘any person who maliciously and […]

Execute Dog Killers Who Set Justice On Fire

Since he successfully prosecuted dog killer Deshawn Brown a half-decade ago, Dallas County, Texas, Assistant District Attorney David Alex believes the time has come “to get the kind of sentences that these cases deserve,” as he told KDFW earlier this month during a conversation about his office’s establishment of an animal-cruelty division. As WFAA reported […]