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Elephant Brutally Executed for Daring to Behave Like an Elephant

The South African Press Association is reporting that “several people have reacted with outrage at the Kruger National Park’s decision to kill an aggressive elephant bull that attacked a couple on Monday.” Add me to the list of those who are infuriated by park officials’ vengeful behavior. The gist of the story is that a […]

Would-Be Rabbit Killer Accidentally Shoots Himself

I’m pleased to report that Death paid an obviously long-overdue visit last month to Marko Tomović, a 21-year-old Serbian savage who was trying desperately to satisfy his bloodlust when Karma called. From “The police said that Tomović ‘saw a rabbit, that was not moving, by the side of the road.’ This prompted him to […]

Hunter Killed by Buffalo in Zimbabwe

The good news is that an African — or Cape — buffalo recently killed a hunter in Zimbabwe. The bad news is that the buffalo died defending himself. According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, “A British man working as a professional hunter on a private game reserve in Zimbabwe has been killed by […]