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Farm Lobby in Victoria, Australia, Wants an Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Those who peddle influence on behalf of the agriculture industry in the Australian state of Victoria would like elected officials there to enact legislation similar to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which was signed into law in the United States in 2006. As I’ve pointed out previously, language on the Office of Legislative Policy and […]

North Carolina Law Establishes “Hunting Heritage Apprentice” Program

Lawmakers in North Carolina have enacted legislation aimed at grooming new generations of bloodlust-full psychopaths. On June 4, Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law Senate Bill No. 234, “an act to amend and clarify the hunter education requirements and to establish a hunting heritage apprentice permit.” According to a news release posted on its website, […]

Adapt Florida “Stand Your Ground” Law for Animal Rights

In his March 26 column “Repeal the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law,” The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson wrote, “The ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in Florida and other states should all be repealed. At best, they are redundant. At worst, as in the Trayvon Martin killing, they are nothing but a license to kill.” Perhaps instead of […]

Proposed Utah Law Targets “Animal-Rights Terrorists”

An opportunistic hypocrite in Utah has been diagnosed with a Senselessly Hyperbolic Inhumanity Tumor. While not uncommon, experts now believe that this type of cancer is contagious and are urging neuro-oncologists to perform lobotomies on patients suffering from SHIT on the brain. Leading researchers suspect that the SHIT on Utah state Rep. John Mathis’ brain […]

Owning Exotic Animals Remains Legal in Ohio

It’s been nearly four months since Terry Thompson let dozens of animals out of his state-sanctioned concentration camp and into policemen’s gun sights. While Mr. Thompson all-but ensured the brutal executions of 49 “exotic animals” by Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz’s trigger-happy henchmen before killing himself on October 18, 2011, state lawmakers made the […]