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Hunting Porn: Depictions of Cheap Power and its Heartbreaking Cost

Photographs of hunters posing with their “trophies” never fail to sicken and enrage me. I’d planned, this morning, to write about a 16-year-old Spaniard who was recently killed during a “running with the bulls”-style event not far from Madrid. Before I began, I checked my e-mail and had a quick look around the Internet, to […]

Lion Attack Kills Animal-Park Intern, Or, The Lion Who Died Again

What do I think of the so-called lion “attack” that killed Dianna Hanson at a wildlife prison in Dunlap, California? I think about the lion, Cous Cous, whose life was essentially taken the moment he was locked in a cage for the convenience of those who enjoyed “admiring” him through the bars of his jail […]

Kansas Art Project Won’t Include Chicken Slaughter

I recently sent a grant proposal to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts that I hope will result in funding for an interactive art project I’m calling Karma: Adding to the Balance. My plan is to invite a big-game hunter to an undisclosed location where he’ll be fatally mauled and eaten by a […]

4-Year-Old in Texas Attacked by Pet Mountain Lion

It is my opinion that a West Odessa, Texas, family, whose “pet” mountain lion mauled a child, should be euthanized, after which their heads should be examined for evidence of humanity and sent to me for shrinking. A KWES (Texas) report tells us: “Authorities say a 4-year-old child wandered too close to a mountain lion […]

Restaurateur Considers “BYOD” Night

TUCSON — While Bryan Mazon has decided not to put lion on his menu, another restaurateur is looking into hosting a “Bring Your Own Dead” night. Monty Gelstein, a pop-up bistro entrepreneur known for putting established restaurants out of business by stirring controversy, first considered serving human remains after reading an ABC News story about […]