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Vegans Should Refuse to Perform Heimlich Maneuver on Choking Meat-Eaters

I was working on my forthcoming Sonata No. 1 for Didgeridoo, Zither, and Theremin when the red phone rang. It was my good friend Monty Gelstein, calling from what sounded like a┬ámedian strip somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike. It turned out that he was outside a restaurant in a Dallas suburb, where he’d been […]

Hunter Kills Elephant, Believes He’s an Altruist

One man’s human-interest story is another man’s monster tale. An article in the June 8 edition of the Saturday Gazette-Mail (Charleston, West Virginia) would like us to believe that a loathsome thug named Frank Beller, who traveled from West Virginia to Namibia to brutally slaughter a so-called “food elephant,” is some sort of hero. The […]

Murder is Meat: Egyptian Butcher Slaughters Wife, Sells Flesh

Citing information from the Arabian News Agency, reported last year that “an Egyptian butcher blindly in love with his profession slaughtered his wife and sold her flesh in his shop.” That lede from the story is a bit misleading. The crime had less to do with the monster’s career infatuation than it did […]