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“Gopher Fest,” Killing Contests, and the Defiant Culture of Savagery

Like “Squirrel Slam,” an annual killing contest in Holley, New York, in which participants slaughter as many squirrels as they can for the chance to win guns and cash, “Gopher Fest” encourages the same kind of savage behavior among residents of Lima, Montana. Each is billed as a fundraiser — the former for the local fire department, […]

Montana Officials Kill, Blow Up Orphaned Moose

“If you don’t think hunting agencies are the enemies of wildlife, you don’t know much about hunting agencies.” — Joe Miele, president, Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting That comment was posted to the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Facebook page last week, along with a link to a sickening news story published by The Dodo about an […]

Murder Made Easy: Disabled Hunting in Montana

Yesterday, my friend Liddy directed my attention to an Associated Press report with this lede: “Montana wildlife regulators suspect more and more people are faking disabilities to take advantage of privileges granted to disabled hunters, so they want to remove one of those perks in hopes of curbing abuse.” Naturally, I reacted by suggesting in […]