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Liam Neeson: Wolf-Eater, Equine-Slavery Advocate

When he’s not busy making the same stupid movie over and over again, Liam Neeson can be found running his pro-equine-slavery mouth in New York City. At the Clinton Park Stables on Sunday, the actor delivered remarks in support of New York’s carriage-horse industry and in opposition to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign promise to […]

Holley “Squirrel Slam” is a Neanderthal Custom of Evangelical Barbarism

Earlier this month, in the backwoods village of Holley, New York, bloodlust-full hillbillies of all ages paid $10 apiece to participate in a squirrel-slaughtering contest whose prizes included cash and guns. The competitive killing spree drew attention from far beyond the now-bloodstained streets of Holley, thanks in part to a protest organized by the nonprofit […]

Holley Fire Department’s “Squirrel Slam” Makes Monsters of Heroes

HOLLEY, NEW YORK, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – What began with firefighters in cities around the world labeling their counterparts in Holley, New York, “monsters” has led to the improbable reinvention of a once shamed and bloodstained village. “Firefighters are supposed to be heroes,” one disgusted Seattle-based fireman told The Daily Maul in an e-mail. […]