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On the Royal Family’s Boxing Day Pheasant Shoot, Or, the Indoctrination of Prince George

The following is an open letter to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Willie, you limey bastard, I’m sure you can’t wait to indoctrinate your five-month-old son in the savage ways of the royal drooling class. Tomorrow, as you know, is Boxing Day, the annual occasion on which your liver-spotted grandpa Phil gets the menfolk together […]

In Iowa, Ted Cruz and Steve King to Hunt for Votes by Killing Pheasants

Now that Sen. Ted Cruz has finished reading his favorite book to C-SPAN-watching adult-diaper marketing executives, he can turn his attention to blowing pheasants out of the sky with the ever-loathsome Rep. Steve King. It was nearly two years ago, in December 2011, that petulant Republican presidential candidate Rick “Rooster” Santorum pandered for the drooling […]

Santorum Teaches Son to Hunt, Pander

On the day after Christmas, with the Iowa caucuses barely more than a week away, Rick Santorum donned an orange National Rifle Association baseball cap and showed his son John how to bend over for those who might make a desperate dream come true. As if anyone cared, the Republican presidential candidate’s website had announced […]