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Rabbit Hunter Dies in “Hare-Trigger Incident”

“I’m hopped-up after reading this wonderful Sky News story about one rabbit hunter fatally shooting another.” I posted that comment on Facebook last month and am thrilled to report today that the deceased actually shot himself. According to a report in the Daily Mail (London), the “rabbit hunter died after being shot in the head […]

Would-Be Rabbit Killer Accidentally Shoots Himself

I’m pleased to report that Death paid an obviously long-overdue visit last month to Marko Tomović, a 21-year-old Serbian savage who was trying desperately to satisfy his bloodlust when Karma called. From “The police said that Tomović ‘saw a rabbit, that was not moving, by the side of the road.’ This prompted him to […]

New Herman Cain Ad Depicts Rabbit Being Shot

I’d all-but forgotten about the national embarrassment that is Herman Cain until I was made aware of his latest video advertisement. Upon its release, Politico reporter Tim Mak (whose bio page could really use some biographical information) described the spot thus: “Former presidential candidate Herman Cain released a video Monday involving the depiction of a rabbit […]

Teen Arrested for Killing Rabbit with Hockey Stick

I was listening to Marcus Aurelius Armitage’s Jonestown-inspired opera, This Flavor Aid Tastes Funky, when the red phone rang. “Do you like hockey?” my friend Monty Gelstein wanted to know. “Do I like hockey?” I asked rhetorically, to make sure I’d heard him correctly. “Hockey,” Monty repeated. “Do you like hockey?” “I don’t know, man,” […]