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Restaurateurs Offer Seal and Foie Gras Burger, Whine About “Animal-Rights ‘Extremists'”

Drooling-class restaurateurs in Quebec, Canada, appear to be enjoying the publicity that’s come with adding a provocatively named seal and foie gras sandwich to their menu. According to a recently published National Post article, “When Kim Côté and Perle Morency added a seal-meat burger to the menu of their popular bistro in Kamouraska, Que., they […]

Kennedy Granddaughter Joins Seal Hunt in Canada

I was on a bus in downtown Chicago when I heard that a Kennedy was in Canada killing baby seals. The guy sitting next to me, a chunky tourist in a camouflage baseball cap, was reading the news on an iPad. “The bunny huggers sure ain’t gonna like this,” he said to no one in […]

Animal Rights, Elections, and the Slippery Slope to American Barbarism

The losers of the third and final presidential debate in the 2012 election cycle were those of us who would have appreciated some tough talk about China’s complicity in the escalating holocaust in Africa. One-third of the evening’s agenda, as was indicated on the Commission on Presidential Debates’ website, had been set aside for discussions […]

After Cape Cod Shark Attack, Manage Humans, not Seals

Christopher Myers’ recent encounter with a shark in waters off Cape Cod has led to all the usual conversations about what we could and should be doing to keep swimmers safe. Myers was bodyboarding with his son J.J. on Monday when he was bitten by what Dr. Greg Skomal, a biologist with the Massachusetts Department […]