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Hawaii Shark Attack an Opportunity to Relinquish Desire for Control

When Patrick Briney set off in a kayak on Monday to haul fish from their natural habitats in waters off Maui, he had to know there was a chance — however infinitesimal — that he’d die as a result of an encounter with a shark. And that’s just what happened, according to Hawaii News Now and […]

Small-Minded Bureaucrat Promises Retribution After Reunion Shark Attack

A thoughtless politician in Réunion has issued an execution order for the shark who recently killed a teenager in the waters off the French island. According to a News Limited Network report that appeared in the Herald Sun (Australia), among other publications, “Reunion’s chief minister, Jean-Luc Marx, has launched a hunt for the shark responsible […]

New Zealand Filmmaker, Great White Killed in Shark Attack

Despite everything we know about the infrequency with which fatal shark “attacks” occur, we just can’t help reacting like vengeful ocean police when such an incident does take place. Such was the case last Wednesday, when Adam Strange, a New Zealand-based filmmaker, inadvertently swam into the path of sharks who were looking for a meal […]

After Cape Cod Shark Attack, Manage Humans, not Seals

Christopher Myers’ recent encounter with a shark in waters off Cape Cod has led to all the usual conversations about what we could and should be doing to keep swimmers safe. Myers was bodyboarding with his son J.J. on Monday when he was bitten by what Dr. Greg Skomal, a biologist with the Massachusetts Department […]

White Shark Protection Questioned After Western Australia Attack

In October 2011, after George Thomas Wainwright was “killed in an apparent encounter with a white shark in the waters off Rottnest Island, not far from Perth, Australia,” as I wrote at the time, “local authorities decided immediately to avenge Mr. Wainwright’s untimely death — and to kiss the ass of the local tourism industry.” […]

Hunt is On After Fatal Shark Attack off Australia

After reading news reports of 32-year-old George Thomas Wainwright being killed in an apparent encounter with a white shark in the waters off Rottnest Island, not far from Perth, Australia, I feel an obligation to chastise local authorities for their efforts to catch and execute the offending beast. I also feel compelled to admonish those […]

Shark Attack Leaves Champion Surfer Dead

As news travels of a fatal shark attack in the waters off Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, I feel compelled to urge local authorities not to respond with vengeance aforethought. If Matthieu Schiller’s surfing buddies — who watched their friend die — can mourn his untimely death without seeking retribution, so too can landlubbing tourism-industry […]

Shark Has Last Laugh, Goes 2-0 in Seychelles

Everyone’s had a moment in which he or she said something that came out terribly wrong. I doubt, though, that many of us have put a foot in our mouth to the extent that the recently widowed Gemma Houghton did after her husband, Ian Redmond, was killed by a shark in the waters off the […]

Copycat Wanted for Shark Attack

“Goddamned it!” I exclaimed upon learning that Massachusetts thrill-seeker Erik Jacobs jumped into the water and onto a relatively harmless basking shark. “Couldn’t you have jumped into the water with something a little more dangerous?” I knew what had to be done — once I’d gotten my anger under control. “There are plenty of drunk […]

Bait Ball Offers Sardine Surprise

I’m thrilled to direct your attention to a South African Press Association report (“U.S. diver mauled by shark in KZN”) whose lede reads: “A research diver from the United States was mauled by a shark off the Rocky Bay coast near Durban on Tuesday, Netcare 911 said.” The report tells us that the diver was […]