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“Skin the Trapper” Prize: Literally, the Skin Off the Trapper’s Back

The Daily Maul has partnered with wealthy animal-rights advocate and philanthropist Monty Gelstein and Schadenfreude-Fantasy Productions to produce a new reality TV show called Skin the Trapper, a treasure hunt-style competition in which contestants race to find a snared trapper and skin him alive before local wildlife puts the captured savage out of his deserved […]

Fur Shop Closes After Cruelty-Free Clothing Store Opens Nearby

CHICAGO, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – A furrier whose Gold Coast boutique had long attracted the patronage of Chicago’s drooling class has closed its doors after being driven out of business by a pop-up clothier specializing in garments and accessories crafted from human flesh. “I’ve been robbed of my life,” Cal Lousprick, the dispirited owner […]