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Whole Foods Should Tell Consumers How Much Turkeys Enjoy Being “Humanely” Slaughtered

I was recently made aware of an insulting marketing campaign designed to make consumers feel really good about buying “humanely” raised turkeys. The propaganda was presented in an e-mail whose subject line reads: “Get to know your turkey at Whole Foods Market.” That sounds like something Dahmer might’ve said, I thought, replacing the word “turkey,” […]

Murder is Meat: Egyptian Butcher Slaughters Wife, Sells Flesh

Citing information from the Arabian News Agency, reported last year that “an Egyptian butcher blindly in love with his profession slaughtered his wife and sold her flesh in his shop.” That lede from the story is a bit misleading. The crime had less to do with the monster’s career infatuation than it did […]

Video Shows Slaughterhouse Worker Shooting Horse

I have a problem with people who claim that they can’t stomach images of animals being slaughtered. In my October 12, 2012, commentary, “Exposed: Animal Cruelty at an Idaho Dairy Farm,” I wrote: “To he who lacks the courage to engage his conscience – I say: Your avoidance is contemptible.” Most of that avoidance is […]

Man Shot in Face Trying to Slaughter Pig

Sometimes, karma singles someone out and gets right in his face. Such was the case of a California man who ate a .22 caliber bullet instead of feasting on the pig he was trying to slaughter. An October 13 CBS 13 (Sacramento) news story explained that “it started as a pig slaughter and ended with […]

Monday Maul: Animal Abuse and Cruelty at a North Carolina Butterball Facility

When Reuters reported earlier this month that “sewing needles were found in food on four U.S.-bound flights … from Amsterdam,” I was reminded of the good fortune I had back in mid-February to watch a meat-industry lobbyist choke to death at 30,000 feet. My friend Jim (not necessarily his real name) and I witnessed the […]

Monday Maul: Fishermen Slaughtered by Dolphins in Taiji Cove

TAIJI, WAKAYAMA, JAPAN, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — “So red were the blood-rich waters of Taiji’s infamous cove,” one strangely delighted American tourist said, “that it must have looked from the moon like an open cold sore on Japan’s lip.” For Taiji’s mayor, Kazutaka Sangen, the opening today of what a May 2012 Agence France-Presse […]

Kansas Art Project Won’t Include Chicken Slaughter

I recently sent a grant proposal to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts that I hope will result in funding for an interactive art project I’m calling Karma: Adding to the Balance. My plan is to invite a big-game hunter to an undisclosed location where he’ll be fatally mauled and eaten by a […]

“Project Earth” TV Series to Feature Animal-Rights Activists

I spoke last night with Carlie Jackson, the executive producer of a new documentary TV series called Project Earth, which will introduce us to animal-rights and environmental activists who’ll explain “what they are doing for the earth and why they are doing it,” according to the series’ website. What follows is a transcript of our […]

Ritual Slaughter: Religion Trumps Animal Rights

Jewish and Muslim leaders in the Netherlands are in total agreement about at least one thing: cutting animals’ throats is their god-given right. From the Associated Press: “The Dutch government said Wednesday it will study new standards for ritual slaughter to satisfy animal rights activists without infringing on ancient Jewish and Muslim traditions, and will […]