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Doomed Cows (Don’t) Escape Killing Floor

Having seen a few Facebook posts today about cows escaping from a St. Louis-area slaughterhouse, I asked myself how many news stories I’d have to look at before coming across a stupid and thoughtless headline.  One, as it turned out. I typed “cows St. Louis” into a Google News search and clicked on the first […]

Cow Killed After Slaughterhouse Escape, Or, Prisoner Executed Following Death-Camp Breakout

A prisoner hell-bent on securing her freedom was executed last week after breaking out of a Mexican death camp. As the Yuma Sun (Yuma, Ariz.) reported, the inmate jumped a fence at the city-run extermination camp in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, and killed a local man, before law-enforcement officials gunned her down. In the […]

Students Urged to Refuse National School Lunch Program Meals

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW LONDON COUNTY, CT – September 11, 2012 Contact: Monty Gelstein (860) 823-7410 Students Urged to Refuse National School Lunch Program Meals The Daily Maul has received a generous donation that will allow the blog’s author, David A. Brensilver, to launch a massive educational campaign designed to convince schoolchildren to demand […]

Abortion Would Have Prevented Animal Cruelty at California Slaughterhouse

One individual recently posted a comment here at The Daily Maul that read, in part: “I am curious as to whether you will reveal your position on abortion.” Today, I’m prepared to opine that the subhuman savages who brutally tortured cows at a California slaughterhouse should have been aborted by their birth mothers. And they […]