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Elephant Brutally Executed for Daring to Behave Like an Elephant

The South African Press Association is reporting that “several people have reacted with outrage at the Kruger National Park’s decision to kill an aggressive elephant bull that attacked a couple on Monday.” Add me to the list of those who are infuriated by park officials’ vengeful behavior. The gist of the story is that a […]

Humans Used as Prey to Protest Lions Being Bred for Canned Hunting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 7, 2013 Contact: David Brensilver Gelstein Promises PR “Nightmare” for Breeders, Hunt Organizers Wealthy philanthropist and impassioned animal-rights advocate Monty Gelstein is proud to acknowledge that scientists on his payroll are raising test-tube babies to be used as prey for wild animals. The hitherto secret project has been in development […]

Bones of Poacher Trampled by Elephant in Demand in China

A friend of mine, whom we’ll call “Jim,” told me over dinner recently that he was analyzing the “demand for dead poachers’ bones” in the Chinese marketplace. We’d been wondering — over plates of vegan lasagna and bottomless glasses of whiskey — why it isn’t more common for people to stuff and display their deceased […]

Rhino Gores Tourist in South Africa as Holocaust Escalates

A rhinoceros lost his temper and got physical with a tourist in South Africa’s Gauteng Province last month in an effort to remind us that our species doesn’t get to make all the rules. Citing the South African newspaper Beeld, The Daily Telegraph (London) reported on January 15 that “a South African woman on safari […]

Rhino Poaching, Hunting: Holocaust in South Africa

Despite the sincere well-wishes I have exchanged with friends, family, and acquaintances in these early days of the New Year, I remain unable — and unwilling — to shake an enduring melancholy. As long as soulless humans find spiritual or material reward in the exploitation, torture, and murder of other species, I’ll gladly forfeit any […]

Bait Ball Offers Sardine Surprise

I’m thrilled to direct your attention to a South African Press Association report (“U.S. diver mauled by shark in KZN”) whose lede reads: “A research diver from the United States was mauled by a shark off the Rocky Bay coast near Durban on Tuesday, Netcare 911 said.” The report tells us that the diver was […]