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Tiger Escapes Circus, Surprises Woman in Bathroom

A Kansas woman trying to enjoy some wholesome family entertainment recently found herself face to face with an escaped slave. No sooner had Jenna Krehbiel entered a restroom at the Salina Bicentennial Center than she “got a close-up view” of the slave “she had just seen perform in the arena,” according to a report in […]

Tiger Mauls Trainer During Circus Performance in Mexico

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – The owner of a Mexican circus has been sentenced by the International Criminal Court to a lifetime of entertaining tigers in the wild. After his sentencing, circus operator Valente Malon was stuffed into a filthy cage and sent to India, where he’ll live out his miserable days […]

Apparently Drugged Tiger Beaten for Photo Ops in China

THE MOUNTAINS OF CHENGDE, CHINA, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – Officials in China’s Hebei Province are investigating the brutal enslavement, exploitation, torture, and murder of two men who publicly abused a tiger in Qinhuangdao. Each man’s family reported him missing in the days after video of the unconscionable cruelty began circulating on the Internet. Local […]

Imprison Man Who Endangered Bronx Zoo Tiger

We’ve heard a lot in the past few weeks about David Villalobos, the 25-year-old New York man who jumped into a Bronx Zoo tiger enclosure in an attempt to “be one” with the animal therein. And yet all that’s been written about the tiger is that he won’t be executed for giving Villalobos what amounted […]

Child “Savaged” in Tiger Attack at Zoo in Russia

Reports of a child being “attacked” by a captive tiger have me feeling deeply concerned for the well-being of the cat. A report in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Mail tells us: “A three-year-old boy was fighting for life last night after being savaged by a tiger at a travelling zoo in Russia. The young […]

Welcome to Hell, “Pepe Tiger”

Save the Cancun Tigers from Wild Animal Sanctuary on Vimeo. Dear “Pepe Tiger,” Allow me to introduce myself: I am The Devil. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. You’re confused, I’m sure. That’s because you are an evil motherfucker who believes that Satan is your prisoner. I read, in this Associated Press story, that your Satan […]

‘Mauled in a Horrible Way’? Show Me …

Chief Erwiandi, I’m writing to you today with an interest in Martunis — you remember, the 25-year-old farmer whom a Sumatran tiger made a meal of last week. Specifically, I’d like you to send me high-resolution photos of Martunis’ remains. You’ve been quoted in an Agence France-Presse report as saying: “The bones of his body […]