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Identify, Boycott Tourism-Driven Businesses that Support Western Australia Shark Cull

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has reported that a fatal shark attack on Saturday claimed the life of a man who was spearfishing in waters off Yorke Peninsula, in South Australia. The incident — a measure of karmic retribution, I’d like to think — should be viewed as an example of an extremely rare occurrence […]

Spanish Tourism Official Poses with Deer’s Testicles

I was mainlining Jeppson’s Malört and shadowboxing when the red phone rang. It was my good friend Monty Gelstein, calling from a cheesy Majorcan dance club. “Did you get my e-mail?” Monty shouted over some generic, 120-beat-per-minute noise pollution. I lit a cigarette and logged on to the Internet, holding the receiver at arm’s length […]