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Hunter Being Killed by Elephant Was Not a Tragedy

On Wednesday, an individual┬ánamed Graydon posted a response to a commentary I published here nearly three years ago headlined “Hunter Killed by Buffalo in Zimbabwe.” “Hunters who obey the laws, who are the vast, vast majority, are in fact helping more animals than they kill,” Graydon wrote. That, of course, is a nonsensical, self-serving rationalization […]

Bones of Poacher Trampled by Elephant in Demand in China

A friend of mine, whom we’ll call “Jim,” told me over dinner recently that he was analyzing the “demand for dead poachers’ bones” in the Chinese marketplace. We’d been wondering — over plates of vegan lasagna and bottomless glasses of whiskey — why it isn’t more common for people to stuff and display their deceased […]

Florida Woman Trampled by Bull on “Cracker Day”

Get yourself a video clip of a stateside Marine rushing to the aid of a fallen civilian and you’ve got a story about selflessness. At least that’s what many nonthinking journalists believe. Case in point: A video provided to CNN by the Orlando, Florida-based CBS affiliate WKMG-TV boasts the headline “A woman in Florida was […]