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Wolves Disembowel Trapper Caught in His Own Trap: A Daydream

Over the weekend, I was alerted to a news story about an Idaho trapper who was injured in an ATV accident. According to the Times-News (Twin Falls, Idaho), “Russ Boley … was out checking traps in the South Hills” when the vehicle tipped over. The Times-News report indicates that Boley “was listed in stable condition Monday afternoon,” […]

Foundation for Wildlife Management Incentivizes Trappers to Join War on Wolves in Idaho

State and federal thugs have welcomed a new aggressor to the Axis of Evil that is prosecuting the merciless War on Wolves in Idaho. Meet the Foundation for Wildlife Management, a group of ruthless evildoers who are offering bounties to trappers who torturously capture and murder wolves in the state’s Panhandle. In an article that […]

On the Paradoxical Claim that Trapping is “Under Attack”

The following letter was sent to Doug Jeanneret, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance’s vice president of marketing. Dear Doug, you arrogant bastard, I’ve been meaning to take you to task for your ill-conceived piece of propaganda, “Our Oldest Outdoor Tradition,” in which you cited Benjamin Franklin’s famous rallying cry, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or […]

“Skin the Trapper” Prize: Literally, the Skin Off the Trapper’s Back

The Daily Maul has partnered with wealthy animal-rights advocate and philanthropist Monty Gelstein and Schadenfreude-Fantasy Productions to produce a new reality TV show called Skin the Trapper, a treasure hunt-style competition in which contestants race to find a snared trapper and skin him alive before local wildlife puts the captured savage out of his deserved […]

Wildlife Trapping: The Cruelty of Conservation

I was reading Marcus Aurelius Armitage’s essay on human overpopulation, Euthanasia for Sale: Economic Stimulation Through Voluntary Extermination, when the red phone rang. “It’s all fun and games until someone loses a goddamned leg, isn’t it?” my friend Monty Gelstein was screaming. I tried briefly to explain that I was busy considering Armitage’s compelling proposition […]