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Sitcom to Focus on “Lighter Side” of Being Vegan

In the second season of Joanne Rose’s Web-based TV series Vegan 101, Eric Roberts’ character, Dr. Eaton Wright, delivers lines like, “Are you tired of breathing the same air as ignorant people?” and “Do you eat meat because you’re a loser? Or, are you a loser because you eat meat?” The dialogue is amusing because […]

Karma-Spiced Heritage-Breed Hunter’s Stew

For years, during the holiday season, my good friend Monty Gelstein has hosted a defiantly secular and schadenfreude-rich dinner party, the pièce de résistance of which has been his karma-spiced hunter’s stew, a traditional dish (bigos) that originated in Poland. Coincidentally, Monty is currently spending some time in that country and thus won’t be cooking […]

“Project Earth” TV Series to Feature Animal-Rights Activists

I spoke last night with Carlie Jackson, the executive producer of a new documentary TV series called Project Earth, which will introduce us to animal-rights and environmental activists who’ll explain “what they are doing for the earth and why they are doing it,” according to the series’ website. What follows is a transcript of our […]