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Tell Connecticut Gov. Malloy to Veto Sunday Bowhunting Bill

Loathsome members of the Connecticut Senate┬áhave approved HB 6034, which would allow bowhunters on certain state-identified private properties to slaughter deer on Sundays. The bill, which the state House approved on May 27, is now headed to Gov. Dannel Malloy’s desk. Please call the governor at 800-406-1527 and tell him to veto the odious legislation, about which I wrote on Tuesday.

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  1. Stephanie Carnell wrote:

    Most hunters hunt for the “fun” of killing living breathing animals. It doesn’t matter to them if the animal is a sentient being or not. They kill and animal for entertainment, and then hang the head on their wall so they can remember the thrill of the kill. Hunting is cruel and mostly unnecessary. Bow hunting is particularly cruel.How about having a day free of killing.

    Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

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