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Turkey Farms Should Invite Children Onto Killing Floors

Screenshot from WVIT story.

Screenshot from WVIT story.

The Connecticut NBC affiliate, WVIT, aired a story late last week about a death factory called Gozzi’s Turkey Farm, which for decades has been breeding animals for slaughter. What sets this killing floor apart from others is that its operator encourages children to see the birds not as victims but as fantastic curiosities.

In his voice-over for the story, NBC Connecticut News reporter Jason Hawkins explains that “Bill Gozzi’s turkey farm is a fall attraction. … Gozzi’s breeds and sells over 15,000 turkeys a year, but, every Thanksgiving, they do something a little different.”

Off camera, Bill Gozzi says, “We put a bunch of colored turkeys out in a pen for kids,” while video of children gawking at bright orange, blue, green, and yellow birds plays on screen.

Hawkins interviews one youngster who says one of the turkeys “bit” him.

“I think it knows you want to eat it,” Hawkins tells the kid, later asking a group of soon-to-be-slaughtered turkeys, “You guys excited for Thanksgiving?” The manipulated video seems to show one turkey shaking his or her head “no.”

Obviously, what Bill Gozzi is selling at his Guilford, Connecticut, death factory is the American tradition of selfish avoidance and the promise of more suffering and death. For their part, Hawkins and the NBC Connecticut News team are simply selling out as complicit partners in the perpetuation of that sinister tradition — a tradition that might someday cease to be observed if children are invited onto the killing floor. Those children just might grow up to view Gozzi as the vile monster that he is. And they might demand that their local news outlets spend less time celebrating the holocaust and more time reporting on the countless atrocities that are happening around us every day.

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  1. abigail wrote:

    It’s so moronic how there’s always a “wink wink” joke when it comes to Thanksgiving.”der..You excited for Thanksgiving duh duh?

    Take heart…at least one child out of a group that go to visit “the happy turkeys” will see the hypocrisy, and grow up to be a caring,vegetarian human being.

    Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 7:26 pm | Permalink

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